Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Performance Improvement Tip of the Day: The "PI Pitch"

What is it?

A short sound bite that succinctly and memorably reports on a project's success and activities. It “hooks” the listener to want to know more! It also tries to get the listener to "take the next active step" needed to make a project successful.

Why do you need it?

It provides a mechanism to engage physicians and other providers in an initiative, while respecting the limited time that most professionals have available for such interactions. It brings visibility to the project and gives team members credibility.

What makes it great?

Keep it short, make it "easy to get", and make it conversational.

Scripting (Example)

"We’ve been participating in the Diabetes Performance Improvement Project for 7 months. We're excited that lipid profile testing has improved from 42% to 57%. Our team implemented a check off for lipid profile on the General Admission order set to remind physicians to order this test on all diabetes patients if no documentation within last 12 months. What is your practice related to this measure?"

Follow Up (after initial PI Pitch engages):

-- "Do you have any questions or suggestions about this initiative?"
-- "We would love to have your participation or help (if appropriate)."
-- "I'll plan to followup with you again when I have updated results."

This PI Pitch is provided courtesy of 
Physician Performance Improvement Institute.

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