Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Performance Improvement Tip of the Day: "Outcomes Driven" Meeting Agenda

The meeting agenda is probably one of the most commonly used tools in project management. However, how this tool is used can make a big difference in the effectiveness of meetings, as well as the coordination of the overall performance improvement project.

The "Outcomes Driven Meeting Agenda" template below integrates performance-enhancing features into the staid meeting agenda in order to create a powerful project management tool:
  • "Roles" of team members - Leader, Facilitator, Scribe, and Time Keeper - are assigned at the outset in order to keep the agenda flowing. 
  • "Time" is allotted for each agenda item in order to guide the discussion, and to keep the team from getting "stuck" on a particular item. 
  • "Discussion Type" is a unique element that allows the team to know what the nature of the discussion will be, so that the discussion is more directed. 
    • Info = Share Information 
    • Proc = Process Information 
    • Con = Need Consensus 
    • Dec = Make Decision 
  • "Desired Discussion Outcomes" is my favorite feature in this tool. It allows the project leaders to envision and lead the team to the desired outcome for each agenda topic. 

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